Management Training


Due to a new company initiative focusing on the effective use of team meetings to solve problems, the client decided to adopt the ‘6 thinking hats’ approach and needed to train key members of staff on the methodology. The goal was to ensure all staff members were familiar with the approach before participating in the meetings.

Our solution

Working closely with our SME, we developed 2 modules that formed part of a blended learning approach for the team meetings. The first module provided an introduction to the ‘6 thinking hats’, while the second module consisted of a series of real-life scenarios where the learner has to help guide the facilitator and participants through various types of meetings.

What were the results?

The modules became a successful prerequisite for the ‘6 thinking hats’ approach and was rolled out across all departments. Regional managers reported a more effective use of team meeting time due to the completion of the modules beforehand. The modules were held on the company LMS as an ongoing training resource.

Kudos2016!Management Training Case Study