We design authentic e-learning that focuses on your business needs and capabilities to ensure it is both relevant and appropriate for you and your learners. We build courses from scratch and will work with you to find the best design that fits with your organisation, from games-based earning to learner-specific scenarios. Our ideas are designed to engage learners through emotion and impact by using high quality graphics, video and audio: we believe e-learning should speak directly to the learner whilst also providing help and support. Many of our projects have been for global organisations where corporate language and tone is essential: we use this experience whenever we write online content or record voiceover narrations to create an effective ‘voice’ for your learning. We understand the sensitivities of cultural differences and can tailor our designs and content in any way you require. We can even arrange for content to be translated into other languages for you.


The learning content that we produce is created with mobile devices in mind. All of our e-learning courses are accessible through desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, enabling your learners to learn on the move or easily access content as reminders whenever they need it. Sometimes it may be necessary to tailor e-learning to suit particular devices: for example, if many of your learners will be accessing the training via a smart phone, certain design elements need to be taken into consideration such as length, layout or the amount of interactions and options. We will discuss this with you during the initial consultation stages of the project.


If required, we can also take care of the delivery of your training. We have our own LMS (Learning Management System) where we can host, deliver and track your learning for you. We can provide your learners with a portal from which they can easily access their training, and provide you with comprehensive reports so you can track the progress of your staff. The portal can incorporate a mix of training if required, for example a blended learning approach consisting of e-learning modules, pdfs, assignments and links. It all depends on what you need, and if you’re not sure what you need we are here to offer advice and suggestions. We will also provide online support for your learners to ensure their experience runs as smoothly as possible.


‘Gamification’ is an increasingly popular model for e-learning, where the ‘game’ approach is used to teach learners in a more engaging way than conventional models. It won’t always be the method to use, and will depend greatly on whether it suits a particular subject, but this will be discussed with you during the consultation process. We have produced several courses use the game model, and in these cases it proved to be a very effective and powerful method of learning. In our experience, we find games-based learning is often more suited to soft skills and decision-making training. Games by nature have a more complicated structure and for this reason we advise our clients that planning and testing may take longer than our conventional e-learning courses, but the results can be outstanding.

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