Product Training


Our client needed to convert a comprehensive product training guide into an elearning format to remotely train their staff in preparation for online sales.

There were 17 different products in total, and each type of product had a series of self-test questions which needed to be converted into a track-able assessment.

Our solution

We built a series of 5-10 minute modules with a custom menu, multiple interactions, and end-of-module assessments. Each module needed to have very specific product knowledge and information that could easily be digested by the learner.

Our custom-built menu enabled learners to freely navigate through the product information sections before taking the mandatory assessment.

What were the results?

The client was very happy with the design and structure of the module, and the ability to easily edit product information for potential future updates.

The modules were well received and proved to be a valuable resource for new sales staff as well as an effective refresher course.

Kudos2016!Product Training Case Study